MOD DAC 2013


Our annual hifi show MOD DAC 2-13 was held over the weekend (17-18 Aug.) at the raffles City Convention Centre, and we would like to thank all those who have supported us by attending the show and especially those who have given us feedback that we had probably the best sound of the show! Everything was unofficial of course, so there were no prizes for that :).

This year, we demoed the latest and most compact horn speaker from Avantgarde Acoustic, the UNO Fino and partnered with ANUK amplification. Digital source was handled by the AMR CD-777 tube CD player and vinyl was played through the TW Raven GT, Reed 3P and Transfiguration Proteus combination. Here are some photos taken at the show for the benefit of those who were unable to attend.


mod.1 mod.2 mod.3 mod.4 mod.5 mod.6 mod.7 mod.8 mod.9 mod.11 mod.12 mod.13 mod.14 mod.15 mod.16 mod.17 mod.18 mod.19


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