The Silbatone JI-300 MKIII

I’ve lived with all the versions of Silbatone’s iconic integrated amplifier, from the original JI-300 right up to the latest MKIII version that I’m listening to right now. As good as the first one was, the MKII version improved on it significantly and this latest version is by far their best one yet!

Using a single WE 300B output tube per channel in pure Class A single-ended mode, this MKIII version is now using all silver-foil output transformers, silver-foil capacitors and pure silver internal wiring from one of the best known manufacturers of pure silver cables. Together with a chassis that is built like a battleship, this amp is one that you will not soon forget!

On initial listening, the level of transparency is simply amazing, revealing details that normally would be barely audible in the background. The speed and bass control of this single-ended tube amplifier is also outstanding to say the least!

In fact, I would go so far as to say that it can challenge the best solid-state amps in those areas that are traditionally their strong points but without losing that all-important musical character that is so beloved of good 300B amplifiers. So much so that I can boldly declare that this is THE best 300B integrated amplifier that I have ever listened to, regardless of price!

Will it be the best for you? That is a question that only you can answer and you’ll know the answer after auditioning it in our showroom! The Silbatone JI-300 MKIII is currently on demo in our main soundroom with the magnificent Avantgarde DUO Mezzo horn speaker system.


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