MOD DAC 2012

The first ever MOD DAC hifi show has come and gone and I must say that we like it enough to already look forward to next year’s show! The venue was a lot more convenient (right in the middle of town) than the one usually held in November, and I like the rooms too – they were generally big enough to show the system’s full potential. Even the room acoustics were a lot better than expected, so we have no excuses for bad sound here!

Apart from the unfortunate choice of name that confused a number of people, we have a good feeling for this brand new show aimed at the high end audio market. It definitely has great potential and will go far with a few tweaks here and there.

This year, we demoed a system that consisted of equipment that we are not usually associated with – high power solid state amplification and lower sensitivity dynamic speakers.

The preamp and power amp was from the Performance Series of Constellation Audio. The Virgo and Centaur combo was the subject of a rave review by Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound (in case you’re interested). The speaker was the excellent Andra III Signature from EgglestonWorks. Source components were from Dr. Feickert Analogue (turntable) and Aesthetix (CD player and phono stage).

The full system was connected to a Shunyata Hydra Telos for power conditioning and all cables and power cords were from Shunyata’s latest Ztron Series. We managed to get a sound that was very dynamic and with very good bass control. Impressed even me! Sound staging was big and airy, and also with pretty impressive 3 dimensional layering from front to back.

This confirms the claims that Shunyata Research makes about their conditioners not having any current limitation, unlike conventional designs. Sounds just like plugging your power straight from the wall, except with a lot more refinement, finesse, front-to-back layering, instrument separation and better image focus.

Regardless of the type of equipment being used, we promised great sound reproduction and we sincerely believe that we achieved this very well!  For the folks who were not able to drop by and also for our many overease friends, here are some photos that we took of our system at the show. Enjoy!


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