The Avantgarde XA pre and power amps – a Photo essay

The new XA Series amplifiers from Avantgarde Acoustic have finally arrived and first impressions of them are that the wait has been well worth the while! To say that the fit and finish of these German beauties is first class is merely understating the fact. Every tiny aspect of the product is perfectly formed and implemented; everything necessary is included – nothing more or less! Even the remote control is a true work of art! Each piece of equipment is literally a piece of metal sculpture that will not look odd if placed on a pedestal.

Apart from the undeniable physical beauty of these amps, they are not just beauty without brains, so to speak. The XA pre and power amps are so chockfull of new and proprietary technology that a full coverage of those features will take another full article. For the time being, here are some pics of these German beauties to feast your eyes on…


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