StillPoints ESS Rack

StillPoints makes one of the most effective component isolation devices. The StillPoints cones use a ceramic ball seated within a case, which use a unique mounting system that is said to disperse energy. StillPoints cones function as a shock absorber.

Now StillPoints goes one step further, it extends the effectiveness and functionality of the original StillPoints cones with a new rack – the ESS racks and the all-new StillPoints Ultras Tuning Feet.

ESS Racks
The ESS Rack is high configurable – the basic setup comes with acrylic shelves and in three widths – the standard 20” which should fit most equipment, the wider 26” which would be good for large turntables especially those that have outboard motors or dual arm fitment and an extra large double width of 40” good for a large flatscreen display. Two to five shelves can be accommodated with three different heights – 28”, 34” and 42” are offered.

Isolation comes in the form of steel suspension wires where the support rails are secured and suspended. One-inch thick acrylic shelves are then placed on the support rails. Critical components such as CD players, CD transports, DAC, tube preamps and of course turntables, it is recommended that StillPoints cones to be used between the components and the acrylic shelves.

The next upgrade is to add Component Stands (CS). Essentially a CNC machined aluminum frame, which sits on the shelf support rails in place of the acrylic shelves. The StillPoints cones sit on the component stands and the chassis of the component sits directly on the StillPoints cones.

For ultimate performance, the Component Stands can be further isolated using StillPoints Ultras Tuning Feet placed on the support rails and the Component Stands sits on the Ultras.

StillPoints Ultras Tuning Feet
The StillPoints Ultras Tuning Feet is the latest development from StillPoints. The original StillPoints cones are designed for up to 100 lbs per cone; there are users who requested for a heavy-duty version, suitable for use with heavy power amplifiers and loudspeakers. That’s where the Ultras come in. Available in two versions – Ultra SS for stainless steel and Ultra AL for aluminum, the SS stainless steel version is recommended for heavier components though both are rated at 500 lbs per feet. Housed within the steel or aluminum case are four ceramic balls sitting on a cone structure. The design uses rotational movement of the ceramic balls to dissipate vibration energy. The Ultras tuning feet are more effective than the standard StillPoints cones.

The Ultras Tuning Feet are recommended for use under speakers, heavy power amplifiers and use with the ESS Rack and Component Stands. The Ultras build upon the strengths of the original StillPoints cones with superior performance when used in conjunction with the StillPoints ESS rack or as speaker footer.

StillPoints products are now available at Audio Note (S).


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