Harmonix in harmony

Harmonix and Reimyo are two sides of the same coin; Harmonix is a line of accessories used for ‘tuning’ your hifi gear while Reimyo is a line of high-end electronics tuned with Harmonix. As accessories go, Harmonix is definitely in the high-end category as well. While it may be difficult for the average guy to comprehend what tuning can do to a system’s performance, audiophiles have long been experimenting with various gadgets and devices to improve upon their system. Harmonix tuning accessories is proven to be an effective solution and as such, the choice for many audiophiles.

In this system, Mr Ng who has been a keen enthusiast for Harmonix products finally got around to building a complete Reimyo electronics system – the CDP-777 CD player (discontinued in favour of a separate CD transport CDT-777 and DAP-999EX DAC), the new CAT-777 preamplifier driving the 300B PAT-777. The ALS-777 powerline conditioner serves to stabilise the power supply. The other source is a Nottingham Analogue ACE Spacedeck with an Ortofon Samba MC cartridge through an EAR phono stage.

The CDP-777 is a well-regarded one box CD player, though discontinued, features proprietary state of the art digital signal processing when many manufacturers took the easy way out by using a Burr Brown DAC. Instead Reimyo uses their ‘Signal Processing LSI: “EXTENDED K2 Processing Version 2.0” LSI (JVC Original IC)’ using a sampling rate of 24bit/176.4kHz with a 24bit 4times oversampling (176.4kHz x 4) digital filter and a 24bit Data rate 705.6 kHz (176.4kHz x 4) DAC. This avoids the steep 16bit/44.1 kHz of CDs with the unpleasant hard and edgy sound.

The Nottingham Analogue ACE Spacedeck, which is about to be retired through the lack of use! The preamp is the newest addition to the system, the new CAT-777 MK2 is a tube based preamp. While Reimyo offers both a solid state power amplifier, the KAP-777, Mr Ng prefers the sound of an all tube system that means the 300B PAT-777 power amplifier. He is now toying with the idea of acquiring a second PAT-777 for biamping the Katana. Needless to say, the entire system is wired with Harmonix cables.

Though rated at 8 watts, the PAT-777 has no problem driving Gemme Audio’s Katana loudspeakers to realistic levels and filling up the room nicely. The Canadian loudspeaker is a 2-way floor standing loudspeaker using ceramic drive units. Easy to drive and high sensitivity makes the most of the power from the 300B.

One cannot but notice the proliferation of Harmonix tuning feet in the whole system. Kiuchi-san, the man behind the Harmonix products had visited Mr Ng just two months ago to optimise the system tuning. Adding tuning feet to every component and then more! That includes placing tuning ‘disks’ – small button like devices – around the room. The room is about medium sized – I estimate a width of about 13 or 14 feet and a length of about 20 feet. Apart from the Harmonix tuning devices, there is no other room treatment using foam diffusers or such like. The room is remarkably ‘quiet’ though the only sound absorbent material is the curtain lining the full height windows. One day I must follow Kiuchi-san on one of his room tuning trips to sample the effects of Harmonix!


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