Kiuchi-san and the new Reimyo KAP-777

It has been said; the single ended phenomenon is solely attributed to the Japanese audiophiles whilst everybody else was enamored with the never-ending chase for gargantuan high-powered amplifiers. Renowned Japanese audio company Reimyo previous amplifiers have always been tube based which suited speakers like horns and some super high efficiency loudspeakers. However, there remain many who may be using speakers who have no propensity towards amplifiers with minuscule power output. For them we welcome the new Reimyo KAP-777, a 2 x 200 watt rms solid-state power amplifier.

Kiuchi-san was in town recently and we have the opportunity to find out more about the newly launched KAP-777 and the matching CAT-777 MK2 tube preamp.

Kiuchi: Audiophiles who have the opportunity to audition the PAT-777 amplifier acknowledges it was one of the best amplifiers available. The reality is being only 7 watts from the 300B, consumers prejudge without listening as being inadequate. It won’t drive every speaker but most speakers have no problem…

The KAP-777 is designed for the new generation of customers; we are targeting the future where the next generation is all about digital audio. The amplifiers will sound like tube but high in drive and very musical. No listener fatigue.

An amplifier must be like the (Vivaldi) ‘Four Seasons’. Capable of portraying the different scene and the people at different seasons – the KAP conveys the excitement without exaggeration of certain instruments over others. Once you have auditioned the amplifier, it is likely you buy the amplifier! The reaction is very immediate!

TW: What is unique about the amplifier design?

Kiuchi: We use a special bipolar transistor – only one piece of this Mosfet delivers 200 watts, it behaves very much like a single ended design but with high current. As a Reimyo product, we have incorporated Harmonix technology – in the KAP-777 we call it Balanced Resonant Control Technology – Harmonix tuning products are used within the amplifier where it makes an audible difference. In addition, it comes with Harmonix tuning feet, RIFA capacitors and special internal wiring. The KAP-777 is a dual mono design and runs cool.We have a Japanese reviewer who owns the Wisdom Audio speakers and was planning to buy a VTL amplifier, and then when he heard the KAP-777… he bought our KAP-777!

The new Reimyo CAT-777 and KAP-777 are available for demo at Audio Note (S) now.


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