Avantgarde Factory Visit Part 1

I had the opportunity to visit the Avantgarde Acoustic factory recently and here are some photos of the inside of their facility. It ia located near Frankfurt, Germany and consists of 2 parts, the office/admin building and the actual factory about a kilometer away, where the actual testing and final assembly of all the speakers and electronics take place.

This first part is focused on the admin building, a modern building nestled in a quiet and scenic neighbourhood. Inside, it looks a little like a mini art gallery due to many high quality (and expensive looking) art works scattered about the foyer and hallways. Of course, this would not be the Avantgarde HQ if you did not see any of their distinctive speakers on display! Due to the high standard of their fit and finish and creative design, the speakers themselves look like works of art. Very Avantgarde indeed!


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