The UNO G2 – So what’s really new?

The UNO G2 has been on demo for a number of weeks now in our showroom, and most customers who’re familiar with the sound of the previous Nano horn speakers have remarked that this new version sounds remarkably different. By different, they usually mean better – better bass speed and definition, and better integration of all the individual drivers into a cohesive whole. Not that the previous models were any slouch at that…So how have they done it?

The previous generation UNO and Nano speakers were all supported basically from 3 independent vertical poles that hold all the drivers together. While this arrangement seemed to work well in the past, the poles were able to flex when the speaker was playing and thus allowed the drivers themselves to move about to a certain degree.

The G2 versions of UNO, DUO and TRIO now have a very stable brace that connects all the 3 pillars at the bottom, ensuring a very rigid platform for the individual drivers to work without any ( or at least minimal) flexing. Avantgarde have also added on 4 big and nicely machined spikes to support the whole structure and drain away any resonances from the speakers. This design feature is the first thing that most people notice when they set their eyes on these new speakers.

Not so obvious are improvements made to the materials of all the metal bits that couple the horn cylinders to the vertical poles themselves. Instead of hollow tubes as used in the previous versions, the G2 speakers are equipped with solid metal couplers. A small detail, but still very important if you want the whole structure to be as rigid as possible! Even the end caps of the main driver cylinders are now made of molded aluminum alloy instead of ABS plastic as in the past.

In addition, the woofer magnets are now Neodymium to increase the responsiveness of the drivers, the woofer amplifier modules have undergone a revamp to further increase speed of the bass, and even the midrange horn curvature has undergone a slight re-design.

All these small but not insignificant details have contributed to a speaker that can be explosively dynamic and extremely lifelike when matched with proper electronics. Avantgardes have always been famed for their lifelike dynamic range and superb midrange reproduction, and any criticisms were mainly confined to the bass. I think the same people who made those criticisms in the past will find it a lot harder to criticize this new baby!

It has been a long journey since 2001, when the UNO was first rated a Class A category product in Stereophile magazine, and voted joint-winner of the “Loudspeaker of the Year” award. In 2010, the UNO G2 represents a great leap forward from even that highly acclaimed speaker, and remains ahead of the curve.

The UNO G2 is now on permanent demo and if you think that this blurb is more advertising hype, then come on down and have a good listen for yourselves. Let your ears be the judge!


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