Mic-Sound panels are here!

The Mic-Sound room tuning products are finally in and they do look very nice indeed! We’ve just managed to mount some pieces up due to lack of time, but here are some photos of them on our walls. What do you think? There are actually more colour combinations to choose from apart from what you see here. We just need more time to get them all up.

I’ve long been looking for some products like these to control various room resonances and bass boom problems, but at the same time are pleasing to look at. Looks like I’ve finally found the solution!

Sonically, our showroom systems never sounded better than with these panels properly installed. The low frequencies now have a lot more resolution, speed and control. No more one note bass! Elsewhere, the overall sound quality is less ‘splashy’ and we are able to play louder without the sound becoming noisy or offensive. Imaging and centre focus is now also more stable and vocals sound more palpable than before, and that is always a good thing!

Mic-Sound manufacturers a range of acoustic panels and devices to cater for different room mode problems and there is definitely a product that is just right for you.


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