Positive effects of AC Enacom

An audiophile, who has experimented with numerous different tweaks and footers, tried the AC Enacom.  His feedback has been very positive, here’s the verbatim text of it:

The AC Enacom is an amazing product. I was skeptical something so small and affordable will make a positive difference to my audio system initially.

The moment I plug it in, the experience was jaw dropping. The background was dark as night, the “Digital” sound of a CD based system just disappeared. The music has an immediate 3D feel to it and the sound stage was much wider. Everything sounds more real, just the way it should be. When it is fully run in after 300 hrs, the effect was even better. I have gone on to buy 3 more and the effects are cumulative though at a diminishing increment.

This product is the most cost effective upgrade I have tried and heard period!

Here is the link to the Manufacturer’s site info: http://www.combak.net/enacom/EnacomMain.htm


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