A Visit to Avantgarde Hong Kong

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit my friend Edward Cheung who runs Avantgarde Hong Kong. The showroom itself, located in the Central part of Hong Kong Island in a building called Pottinger House along Pottinger Street, is not easy to find if you’re a tourist (like me) as there are no signs out in front.

You really got to know the address to be able to find the exact building, and in that sense I wouldn’t expect many casual browsers to drop by just because they happen to chance upon the showroom. However, the location makes sense as it seems to be right smack in the midst of the business district and that’s where you find many of the people who can afford this type of gear!

Once the elevator door opens into the main showroom on the 4th floor, the ambience is cozy and classy – exactly the type of environment where I would like to spend my free afternoons. Apart from Avantgarde Acoustic speakers, Edward also represents familiar brands like AMR, Dr. Feickert Analog, Lehman Audio, Ortofon, Nottingham Analogue, TW Acustic and Shunyata Research (among others). Talk about great minds thinking alike!

The 2 system setups that were on demo that day were both neatly laid out and well matched, with great sound quality. The one I particularly enjoyed was the one with the DUO Grosso horn speakers and driven by an AMR CD player and amp. The sound was transparent, controlled, refined and with the great sense of ease that typifies the Avantgarde speakers due to their super high sensitivity. Violins for example, were portrayed with that ‘you are there’ sense of realism that is often talked about but seldom really achieved on many other systems I have listened to.

Something that really piqued my interest was the interesting room tune panels and bass traps that were used in one of the setups. They look so attractive to me, that I can imagine many would buy them just for decoration! The fit and finish of these items were really first class and you can expect to see them in Singapore in the not too distant future!

I have included some photos of the showrooms for your viewing pleasure.


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