Shunyata- Inside and Out

shunyataInside and Out

Shunyata Research founder, former military scientist Caelin Gabriel has invested twenty-five years of research in developing a multi-stage approach to power distribution that emphasizes the passive isolation of each component within complex electronics systems. His extensive testing within state-of-the-art military and computer systems demonstrates that noise generated within interconnected systems poses a greater challenge to resolution than externally generated AC interference. In essence, the laws of proximity rule when it comes to the effective treatment of radiated and power supply generated noise.

The First Line Of Defense — A Power Cord?

Shunyata Research’s eight models of power cords are designed to act as sympathetic, noise-isolated extensions of the primary winding within a component’s power supply. Seen this way, the critical importance of the power cord becomes clear. Shunyata Research power cords are custom manufactured to offer superior near-field isolation from the internally generated and radiated high-frequency distortions inherent within all electronics systems. Shunyata power cords do not represent the last few feet of an AC grid leading to a component; they are the first few feet from the perspective of each component’s power supply.

What’s In The Box?

Uninterrupted AC distribution Shunyata Research Hydra and Guardian power distributors are designed to function as multi-outlet, discrete channel extensions of its power cords. Hydra and Guardian products employ custom-designed networks that filter and protect systems from both incoming and outgoing AC interference without altering or otherwise degrading the original AC waveform — even within high-current applications. Hydra and Guardian products work hand in glove with Shunyata power cords to create ultra-low impedance, noise-isolated current pathways to each component outlet.

Hydra and Guardian products are used by many of the world’s premiere electronics manufacturers because they do not interfere with or alter the character of their products performance. They provide the instantaneous current that todays high-performance products require, ensuring fast transient response and full dynamic contrast. The passive, non-reactive designs of Shunyata power products promise years of trouble free operation and consistent results across all types of critical recording, playback and film electronics.

The Foundation Of Performance

Shunyata power-systems unprecedented critical, professional and commercial successes demonstrate the importance of isolating each component from noise within electronics systems. This begins with the initial point of external electrical contact — the power cord.


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