Footers, spike bases, dampers and other tweaks (Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this article, I am highlighting some of the accessories that have proven over the years to be more of a necessity for most systems, in the sense that they provide significant improvements to any system that they are used in.

Audience Auric Illuminator

The Auric Illuminator improves the audible and visible playback quality of all optical discs. Originally developed as an advanced optical resolution enhancement for the U.S. Military, Auric Illuminator is incredibly effective in helping your disc player to retrieve all the available data on your discs at the right time. Auric Illuminator allows the laser pickup to track the disc more accurately and thus causes less error correction, among other things. The result is a smoother and clearer sonic presentation, and for video, better picture definition and colour saturation. Trying it once will make a believer out of you!


Boston Audio Design

This company makes a range of anti-resonance isolation devices out of compressed carbon graphite. Due to the excellent energy dissipation qualities of the material, their family of Tuneblocks make excellent value-for-money accessories that is claimed to get the most out of your present components. They offer a range of isolation footers for components, record mats, speaker spike bases and CD stabilizer mats.


Harmonic Resolution Systems

HRS is famed for making probably one of the most expensive (and highest quality) audio racks in the world!  Apart from this, they also offer more affordable accessories like the S-1 isolation platform, Nimbus Couplers, Damping Plates and a record clamp called the Analog Disk. All of their products feature a specially formulated elastomer surface to effectively damp resonances over a wide frequency spectrum.



Not to be confused with HRS, Harmonix is a Japanese company that is widely acknowledged as the Rolls Royce of resonance tuning. They have different products that are designed to treat and enhance literally every component in your system and even the room itself! Too many to name individually, Harmonix products usually use a combination of wood and metal that are individually tuned by the designer, a tedious and arcane art, if you ask me! They are also beautifully turned out and with prices to match!  However, what is really important is that these devices really work, and in a way that is amazingly effective! Folks, you really need to try out some of these tweaks to appreciate how valuable they can be in any high end system.


Solid Tech

Solid Tech’s Feet of Silence suspension footers was our first experience with this Swedish company and they have been a phenomenal success for us over the years. Since then, they have expended their range of isolation devices to include the Disc of Silence, Isoclear, Rack of Silence and the Radius Solo range of hifi racks. Each product being purpose built to isolate and dissipate resonances in their various guises. Every one of them excellent value for money products!


Shunyata Research

Shunyata has been largely responsible for showing me the value of a good power cable in any audio system. In the past, I was just as skeptical as anyone to the claims of various companies hawking power cords. Whatever improvements I heard in the past were marginal and often did not justify the money spent.

That was before I tried the so-called ‘power snakes”! Man, the real improvements that I heard way back in 2006 with a set of these earlier version power cords in any high quality system made the term “jaw droppingly good” seem highly appropriate. Since then, Shunyata has consistently improved their award-winning range of power conditioners and power cords to keep a couple of steps ahead of the competition

Check out their new range of CX power cords and Version 2 Hydra conditioners. They are guaranteed to elevate your system to new levels of performance that you could only dream about in the past.





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