The Duevel Experience

The new Duevel Omni-directional speakers have been running-in for more than a couple of weeks already, and they have certainly presented a different and refreshing perspective to the way we traditionally listen to our music. Being able to radiate sound over a 360% angle, these speakers release you from having to sit within a narrow ‘sweet spot’ in order to enjoy music from your speakers. Basically wherever you stand or sit in the room, you are enveloped with a sound that is open, airy and almost 3 dimensional, with a tonal balance that is unwaveringly similar.

Duevel makes the bold claim that their speakers are “in phase in every direction, always; and that they are perfectly time aligned, with completely natural sonic propagation properties”. Well, when listening to these speakers, you’d tend to agree with such statements as they sound uncanningly like what a live musical performance would sound like!

For more traditional audiophiles, you still get all the ‘audiophile’ qualities like wide open soundstaging, good centre focus for the vocals, good separation with individual instruments standing in their own acoustic space and very good extension at the frequency extremes. The centre focus may not be as pin sharp as some other designs, but I think this is a more realistic representation of what a live performance would sound like.

From the entry-level The Planets to the top-of-the-line Sirius, all Duevel speakers are 2 way designs that are relatively easy to drive, and we have gotten excellent results partnering them with some of our low powered single-ended tube amps.

For me, the icing on the cake for the Duevel speakers is their distinctive physical appearance. Look at the photos and you probably agree with me. The profile of these speakers is so individualistic and artistic that they make other conventional designs look positively boring! Even the wood finishes are so ravishing that they make me feel like bringing a pair home! Certainly the WAF (wife acceptance factor) is pretty high in my book. Duevel definitely puts forth a very strong case that there are more interesting ways to enjoy your hifi system other than sitting in front of boring oblong boxes!

Duevel website:  http://duevel.com/home/loudspeaker.shtml


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