Harmonix Core-Ring CR-4105 and CR-4107

Harmonix is constantly at the forefront of pushing and furthering the performance envelope of your system via footers and tuning devices. The latest is their tuning rings, meant for interconnect, speaker cables and power cords. First and foremost, these are not ferrite clamps. As with their other tweeks, these Core-Rings features their unique tuning know-how.
We tried a pair of these on the speaker cables and heard a fuller, more eloquent mid/vocal, better control of the bass notes, less sibilance at the top and overall a more tidy, less fuzzy sound. Two sizes available, CR-4105 for small diameter cables and CR-4107 for larger diameter cables.

More information here:  http://www.combak.net/Core-Ring/CR-4105&4107.htm






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