Fuse Magic

Not all upgrades need to be expensive. We have been bringing in lots of tweaks that works wonder. Listening is believing. This lastest inclusion is a fuse from AMR, the maker of high end CD players and amplifiers( you can read abt them on our product page on www.hifi.com.sg )

Come in a set of 3 ( and yes, u can select the value )  for only S$95

Below is a testimony from a user.

Desmond & Cecil,

My purchase of  a couple of AMR fuses was initially met with much skepticism; not convince  that a tiny little fuse can make a difference in my system at all.

After-all my system setup  almost mirrored what Audio Note Singapore’s showroom with the only exception of the speakers!

I have to admit that I cannot withhold my amazement when I tried it first on my CD player!

The sound is so refined; separation was enhanced, imaging was dead accurate, noise level dropped significantly, volume at lower levels with  crystal details for both high, mid and low frequencies.

Tempo of the music was so exact that it seems effortless in the rendition of the various music I played.

I am definitely coming back for more fuses to “fuse up” the remaining equipment!  I need the 5A for the amplifier yesterday!

Thank you for  transforming my system to an un-believable  performance level for a down to earth price!

God bless your business!



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