Shunyata’s CX and V2 products – truly better?

Ever since the latest versions of Shunyata Research’s ground-breaking products, the CX version power cables and Version 2 Hydra power conditioners were introduced to the market a few months ago, people have been asking this question. There might be 2 reasons for this. Firstly, the new products look very similar to their predecessors, so they can’t be much different can they? Secondly, the previous Helix series were so good already most people could not conceive the possibility that there was much room for any significant improvement!

Well, in a way they are partly right as the new models retain much of what was so good in the earlier products, and those were the very qualities that brought them so much success in the first place!

There is however, a marked improvement in terms of dynamics and speed which results in the new products sounding more lively and captivating to listen to in any system they are employed in. If I’m not mistaken, I also hear a greater sense of transparency from these new CX and V2 products. Not ‘night and day’ mind you, but noticeable none the less.

My personal conclusion on these new products can be put in a ‘good news, bad news’ sort of way. The good news is for those who already own the Helix and earlier Hydra products. While there have been a number of customers who have happily upgraded to the latest stuff, it is not absolutely necessary as not buying the latest models will not unduly diminish your enjoyment of music in your present system. They are still pretty darn good, just not the latest or ‘best’ that today’s technology can offer.

The bad news is for competing brands as the latest Shunyata products have definitely raised the bar once again and remain at least one or two steps ahead of the rest. Yes, they are truly better. A bold statement to make? Maybe, but one that I will gladly stand behind. Come to our showroom for an A/B comparison of these products, or better still arrange for a home loan (approved on a case-by-case basis)

of these amazing power cords and conditioners. You’ll understand why so many music lovers and even prominent industry professionals swear by Shunyata!

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