Sennheiser HD-800 Response

Since we started demoing the HD-800, the response from end users has been nothing less that fantastic! Customers from all walks of life have been streaming into our showroom to give these babies a good listen, with almost all being totally impressed with the superb fidelity of these new cans.

Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that in the beginning! Like all audiophile gear, the HD-800s needed some significant run-in time. Once the required numbers of hours have been put in, the sound just opened up and anyone not tone deaf could hear the potential of these excellent headphones and understand why there is so much talk about it worldwide.

Though I’m not a “headphone guy”, I have listened to a number of highly rated phones in the past like the Stax Omegas, AKG K-1000 and K-701, and Sennheiser’s own HD-650.  Compared against those, the HD-800 is clearly in a different class from every one except perhaps the Omega. And even against this, I still prefer the effortless bass extension and impact that the HD-800 brings to the plate.

We now have a cozy corner dedicated for the auditioning of these phones, with a choice of 2 solid state headphone amps – namely the Lehmann Linear and Rhinelander. For tube connoisseurs, we have found from customer feedback that the Leben CS-300 tube integrated amplifier is a truly first rate headphone amp, and we are now also offering this as an alternative.

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