Advanced Acoustics room tuning panels

Ever since our new tuning panels arrived, we have been kept very busy finding appropriate places to mount them. Not that they’re difficult to mount – all you need is a hook or nail on the wall to hang each panel. What was a little more time consuming (at least in the beginning) was deciding which type of panel to mount at which part of the room. Once we got the hang of things, it became quite easy actually. And boy, what a difference they made!

Removing the panels for comparison, we were a little surprised at how much more noisy or splashy the high frequencies were – and we had been living with this situation for years! With the proper room treatment panels in place we are able to play more loudly without noticing it, as the music itself did not become noisy. Even bass response was perceptibly improved – everything becoming cleaner, clearer and tighter. With one piece of Sound Trap panel placed on the front wall, right in between the 2 main speakers, vocals became more solidified and focused and most of the haziness is gone!

With the bass treatment panels (Corner Sound Trap Panel) installed, we are now able to position our smaller speakers closer to the walls without them sounding boomy as in the past. Now the bass and lower midrange region is more fleshed out while still retaining all the definition and control that is desirable.

If you have a room with side walls that are bare, I find that the Echo Sticks are very useful to damp the first reflections from the speakers that hit the side walls.  This usually results in a wider soundstage and improved imaging.

Aside from the improvement in sound quality, I’m very happy with the overall fit and finish of the products. Each panel comes encased in a high quality clothe material that is easy to clean and looks very pleasant to boot. They are also available in a choice of user friendly colours that enables them to blend well into the room without making it resemble a recording studio.

I’ve included some photos of the panels that are now strategically placed in our showroom.

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