With a name like Fo.Q, this range of resonance damping products is bound to attract some attention, and fortunately it is for all the good reasons! This company that makes a range of award-winning products applying materials developed from the Japan Science and Technology Agency is now the latest rage in Singapore as more audiophiles realize they can squeeze more performance out of their systems with surprisingly modest investments.

The following are some of the products that we have tried with great success in our showroom, and their potential applications. Highly recommended!

DS-25 Re-Mastering Ring

Despite its fancy name, it is basically a stick-on disc stabilizer that makes use of an organic polymer hybrid damping material with a very high level of vibration-absorption performance. Yes, there are numerous products in the market now that claim to have the same goal, but the DS-25 is so far one of the most effective we have tried in taming the peaky or brittle highs that some CD or DVD recordings tend to have. With the DS-25 in place, all recordings sound a lot more relaxing and we dare say, more analog-like.

G-53F & G-51 Footers

The manufacturer themselves call these ‘spacers’ as they are so slim and low profile. Made from a composite of layers of three different types of polymer hybrid damping material, and an additional layer of glass fiber on the interior, the spacers perform very well at absorbing unnecessary vibration from any equipment, producing pure, clear audio without muddiness or distortion. In spite of their incredibly affordable price, they work wonders under most of the equipment we tried in our showroom and are ideal for applications where space (headroom) is a premium.

SH-21 & SH-22 damping sheets

If any of you are experiencing some bass problems or if your speakers sound a little boxy, then you should definitely try out these amazing damping sheets. In fact, i would actually recommend these damping pads to anyone who owns a pair of speakers. As good as any speaker can sound, these items always make them sound more open and less boxy without exception! Available in 2 sizes, these damping sheets use the same polymer hybrid damping material to convert excess vibration energy into heat, thus enabling your speakers to sound cleaner and more ‘out of the box’. They are effective for all speakers with a cabinet of any kind, regardless of their cost, and you really need to hear the effect to believe it!

TA-52 damping tape

This is an usual product that I doubt has much competition from other brands. Its is a thin semi-transparent damping tape that can be used in strips to cover various interconnect or speaker cable plugs, power cable sockets, internal components or practically anything that has a potential to vibrate. Feel free to play around with this fun product and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

RS-912 record mat

This record mat comes in a set of 2 pieces of varying thickness, each utilizing their proprietary anti-resonant damping material. You can use them one at a time, or both together (one on top of the other) for varying effects. Also supplied in the set is a small quantity of thin damping tape for application on your cartridge body, headshell or even tonearm to damp excess resonances. I know of no other brand that takes such a complete approach to resonance damping as this!






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